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The Nobels ODR-1 sounds so natural and big. It keeps all of the tone from the amp, and adds just the right amount of drive and gain without taking anything. Killer.



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Scott McKeonZigaboo Modeliste, Tom Jones, David Ryan Harris, Lana Del Rey, Derek Trucks, Ed Sheeran, Van Morrison, Will Young, Pino Palladino, Tom Hickox, Andreya Triana, Imelda May, Bootsy Collins, Jamie Cullum, Stereophonics, Eliza Doolittle, Jocelyn Brown, John Illsley, Lucy Spraggan, Joe Bonamassa, Natalie Williams, Stooshe, Jay Ja ,Westlife, Jesse Davey , The Hoax, Rita Ora, Gordon Raphael (Strokes) and many more Website

„The best overdrive on the market.“


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Jerry DonahueThe Hellecasters, Fotheringay, Fairport Convention, The GatheringWikipedia

„Sometimes more is more and two are better than one, you never know… In case of this nice ’n organic OD pedal, you can be pretty sure on what you get – a fat and natural overdrive sound. Give it a try j-)“|

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Jürgen "Jay" ScholzKlaus Lage Band, Gleis 8, Jane ComerfordFacebook

„I love my Nobels ODR-1. Its my desert island pedal!“

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Guthrie TrappWebsite

„One of the most natural sounding pedals. Very smooth distortion comparable to a tube amp.“


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Michael WagenerProducer: Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., Overkill, Accept, Great White, Stryper, Poison, Keel, Alice Cooper, Lordi, Extreme, Megadeth, Janet Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Dokken, Metallica, White Lion, Skid Row and many many more Website

„Some people say this is the sound of Nashville. Well, I don’t know, since I’ve never been there. But I know this is a great pedal that gives you everything from natural, amp-like, on-the-edge-of-break-up overdrive to nicely compressed lead sounds. Love it!“


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Peter FischerMike Leon Grosch, DePhazz, Tom Astor, The Soultans, De Höhner, Seafoam Green, Andy Brings Website

“I love this pedal, it’s warm, has a wide spectrum of tones and is a secret weapon kind of pedal! I can’t shut it off!”

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Eric HimelThe Alan Parsons Live Project,Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal), Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses), Robby Krieger (The Doors)+++Website

Nobels ODR-S, ein Muß auf allen meinen Pedalboards, perfekt als Low-Gain Crunch, mit dem EQ optimal klanglich an den Clean Sound anpaßbar, auch bei höherem Gain fett und transparent, läßt sich gut mit anderen Pedalen stacken (z.B. vor einem Klon oder Klon-Clone). Wird bein herunterregeln schön clean. Ich habe 99% der Videos für Guitarpoint/Maintal mit einem ODR-S gemacht. Pflichttreter.


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Ali NeanderRodgau Monotones, Glashaus,Xavier Naidoo, Edo Zanki, Studio +++Facebook

“For 15 years the ODR-1 has been my go to overdrive of choice used on countless record and songs I’ve written and produced. It’s always on a board I use period. Now to have in a smaller version really helps when I’m working in and grab go situation without sacrificing the tone I know and love.

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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John ShanksBon Jovi, Colbie Calliat, Goo Goo Dolls, Westlife, Delta Goodrem, Lawson, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morrisette, The Corrs, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Cocker and many moreWebsite

„The pedal I probably use most is the ODR-1, a very natural sounding overdrive“

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Tim PierceCrowded House, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Johnny Hallyday, Phil Collins, The Cheetah Girls, Rick Springfield and many moreWebsite

„This pedal is awsome“


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T.M. StevensThe Pretenders, James Brown, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Steve Vai, Cyndi Lauper, Little Steven, Billy Joel and many moreWebsite

„Really sounds and feels like tube amp overdrive“

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Steve KaraThe Electric PrunesWebsite

„I’m late to the Nobels ODR-1 party, but better late than never. Love this thing.“


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Peter Stroud Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Pete Droge, Sarah McLachlanWikipedia

„I use 2 ODR-1 in different settings“


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Bernd KühlRobin Beck, Wolfgang Petry, Wanda Jackson, The PetardsWikipedia

“The ODR-Mini faithfully recreates the classic ODR-1 sound so many of us are seeking. Try it at 18 volts and it will be nearly indistinguishable from it’s iconic counterpart! Congrats to the Nobels team on a great design and price point that’s in reach for guitarists of all varieties.

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Corey CongilioProducer, InstructorWebsite

An absolute classic. Smooth, dynamic and versatile. The ODR-1 takes any signal chain to the next level. Love it.


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Nate SapianFacebook

“Great tone – love this pedal


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Clem ClempsonColosseum, Humble PieWikipedia

„The world’s best overdrive!“


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Carl VerheyenSupertrampWebsite

The ODR-1 has an extremely warm tone – perfect!“


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Micky MoodyWhitesnakeWebsite

After years of trying out dozens of overdrive pedals, the search is finally over with the addition of the ODR-1 to my pedalboard.
It’s vastly superior tonal textures and harmonic character inspire me to play new ideas and go to musical areas I hadn’t previously dreamed of. Thanks Bernhard!


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Michael VdelliVdelliWikipedia

„The Nobels ODR-1 is a very good sounding pedal with a nice range of drive level.“


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Tom AndersonTom Anderson GuitarsWebsite

„Nobels makes the truest overdrive on the market and will be on the board for a long, long time!“„The Nobels ODR-1 is a very good sounding pedal with a nice range of drive level.“


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Brendan FlanneryInstagram

“ Great pedal with a great tone!“


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Sus Vásquez Karol G.Website

„.. for me it’s the Nobels ODR-1… „


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Jerry McPhersonRecording and live performance artist (has worked with Amy Grant, Twila Paris, Susan Ashton, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Reba McEntire etc.)Website

The ODR-1 is my go to Overdrive, I never leave the house without it!“

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Rodrigo BurottoRodrigo Burotto TrioYouTube

“I play it cause it sounds amazing and it’s built like a tank! It fits so easily on any of my pedal boards! And have you tried it with 18V??”


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Walter InoEagles of Death Metal and many moreWebsite

„I absolutely love my Nobels ODR-1“


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Andrew WildrickProducerWebsite

„Finally got one of these bad boys. A Nashville session mainstay.“


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Jeremy FergusonProducerWebsite

„Still great and I still love it“

ODR-1 / ODR-mini

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Robbie McIntoshThe Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, John Mayer, Norah Jones and many moreWebsite

“ Einfachste Bedienung und bombiger Overdrive Sound!“


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Peter BurschBröselmaschine, "Der Gitarrenlehrer der Nation", AutorWebsite

„The range and drive of the ODR-1 is very wide and impressive. The Spectrum control adds another dimension to its already solid and impressive sound.“


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Randy BarnetteGuitarist/Staff writer for MC1 Nashville/Sony-OrchardWebsite

Latest News

ODR-1 mit neuen Features

Das ODR-1 liefert bereits seit fast 30 Jahren eine astreine, kompromisslose Rockzerre ab. Nun wurde  das Pedal um einige nützliche wie coole Features erweitert. Im Inneren gibt euch ein kleiner Bass-Cut-Schalter nun die Möglichkeit, den tiefen Frequenzbereich zu beschneiden und so das Bassfundament zu straffen.

Außerdem ist das Pedal nun auch mit bis zu 18 Volt betreibbar. Welchen Einfluss die höhere Spannung auf das Klang- und Dynamikverhalten des Pedals hat, gilt es im Selbsttest zu überprüfen.

Und schließlich wurde auch am Äußeren geschraubt. Die neuen „Glow in the dark“-Leuchtpotis dürften sich gerade auf dunklen Bühnen bewährt machen.

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