History 1

I am really happy that our re-issue Overdrive is now available again. We have worked very hard to give you, the musician exactly what you wanted – the Original ODR-1 that has developed its own almost cult following since we originally designed and engineered it way back in 1985. In those days there seemed to be countless overdrives on the market that had what we describe as the ‘nasal’ tone but we worked hard on creating a very ‘open’ sounding pedal that worked with you and your amplifier. The result was the ODR-1, the pedal that responds to your dynamics and adds texture to your tone in a very natural, musical way.

Gary Moore, Bryan Adams, T.M. Stevens, Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp and seemingly countless other amazing players have made Nobels products part of their sonic arsenal over the years and let me tell you it isn’t very often that you get to design something that people treat as a trusted companion for over two decades.

I would like to thank the distribution partners that we have worked with all over the world some of whom were dealing with musicians back when drum machines still had 2 arms and 2 legs (Yes that long ago!) and all of the players, dealers and journalists that have constantly supported and raved about our product.

When I started I had a mission statement that still holds true over twenty years later – “NO FASHION, Just straight, high standards with that little extra for the musician!”

Bernhard Kurzke – Founder & Owner