Just send us an enquiry at: support (at) nobels.com and we will try to help you.

Unfortunately not…
There are no more spare parts and we don’t have our own workshop that could do it. We are sorry!

Unfortunately, power supplies are no longer available from and and it is a special power supply with a positive and negative +/- 6.6 operating voltage.

An experienced technician can replicate this power supply.



Voltage: AC!!!! 2 x 6.6Volt 1A.

XLR Plug: Pin 1= GND, Pin 2 & 3 = 6.6 Volts each AC.


SST-19 PSU schematic

From time to time we receive inquiries about spare parts for Nobel’s products. A battery cover or the button for an old midi controller is often missing. Unfortunately, there are no longer any spare parts for many models but we even have a few spare parts in stock. Please make an individual request by email at support@nobels.com